Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

London Acupuncturist Roisin Golding for the Los Angeles Times Syndicate

If you are being driven mad by numbness and tingling over your palm, clumsiness when picking things up, and nights of sleep interrupted by your own ‘dead hands’, you are almost certainly suffering from carpal tunnel syndrome. The offer of having the problem cut away by the skillful slicing through of the transverse carpal ligament – which forms the roof of the tunnel – tempts many who are otherwise surgeon-shy. Some may even grab (if that option were still open to them) at the chance of a total ‘hand-ectomy.’
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Hepatitis C and Chinese Herbs

Hope for Hepatitis C © London Acupuncturist Roisin Golding for the Los Angeles Times Syndicate

“Sometimes I lapse. Like last week I had two cups of coffee and some chocolate but I don’t go off the rails for long.”

Off the rails? Does this man know what off the rails means?

Unfortunately, yes, more than most. John Cahill had his first bottle of whiskey at the age of ten. “It was in my veins before I was born,” he says. “It’s in my character and physiology, like my father and his father before him. We’ve all been alcoholics. Just like you’re seeing second- and third-generation drug addicts now.”
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London Acupuncturist Roisin Golding for the Los Angeles Times Syndicate

When the film about a manic-depressive, “Mr. Jones,” was first shown to the Hollywood executive who backed it, he reputedly said, “Fantastic! The manic scenes are just great! But the depressions, ugh! Get rid of those.”
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Ostheopathy and Chiropractics

London Acupuncturist Roisin Golding, for the Los Angeles Times Syndicate © 1999

What’s the difference between a Chiropractor and an Osteopath?

This should be a really good joke, along the lines of, “Well, a chiropractor makes your joints go ‘pop’ while an osteopath …..” The trouble is, an osteopath does exactly the same thing. But demanding that your practitioner ‘pops’ your joints is like insisting that a doctor write a prescription every time you see her. There are many other, often more appropriate, interventions at her disposal.
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Diabetes & Diet

London Acupuncturist Roisin Golding for the Los Angeles Times Syndicate

“You are what you eat, so you should eat plenty of nice sweet things,” remarked the receptionist at my clinic the other day.

Mmmhmmm, beautiful theory! But untrue. Insulin makes sure of that. It’s the no-nonsense hormone with so many close connections to other chemicals in your body that a biochemist needs a computer to keep track of it.
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Recommended colleagues

The following colleagues come with a personal recommendation from me.  If for any reason the links do not work, then right click the link, select copy shortcut, and then paste to a new window.

Acupuncturist Lee Moden – based in Cambridge.
Lee is a gifted acupuncturist with extensive experience and knowledge.

Acupuncturist Mir Abbas Ali – based in Bedford.
Mir’s gentle, modest nature cannot hide for long his expertise in acupuncture. He is also an expert in qi gong healing exercise and martial arts.

Acupuncturist Penny Clay – based in Southampton.
Penny is a wise and wonderful person as well as a great and experienced practitioner.

Yoga Retreat, Tuscany, with Virginia Wood.
With Virginia you get an incredible yoga teacher as well as a very experienced acupuncturist and Chinese herbalist!

Neurological-physiotherapist Simon Berrell.
Neuro-physio is a highly specialised field within physiotherapy. Simon is an experienced and dedicated neuro-physiotherapist whose main focus is to get patients back on track towards the fullest possible independence, within their current limitations. You never know what you can achieve until you try.