Recommended colleagues

The following colleagues come with a personal recommendation from me.  If for any reason the links do not work, then right click the link, select copy shortcut, and then paste to a new window.

Acupuncturist Lee Moden – based in Cambridge.
Lee is a gifted acupuncturist with extensive experience and knowledge.

Acupuncturist Mir Abbas Ali – based in Bedford.
Mir’s gentle, modest nature cannot hide for long his expertise in acupuncture. He is also an expert in qi gong healing exercise and martial arts.

Acupuncturist Penny Clay – based in Southampton.
Penny is a wise and wonderful person as well as a great and experienced practitioner.

Yoga Retreat, Tuscany, with Virginia Wood.
With Virginia you get an incredible yoga teacher as well as a very experienced acupuncturist and Chinese herbalist!

Neurological-physiotherapist Simon Berrell.
Neuro-physio is a highly specialised field within physiotherapy. Simon is an experienced and dedicated neuro-physiotherapist whose main focus is to get patients back on track towards the fullest possible independence, within their current limitations. You never know what you can achieve until you try.