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This is the Heavenly Stems and Earthly Branches Year chart to use to discover the energies acting in any given Chinese year (starting Febuary 4th) – from 1924 – 2024.

The left hand column gives the number of the Chinese month and the Gregorian month (e.g. December) which is aligned with the branches in the 5th column, e.g. 1st earthly branch G.Bl , 11th Chinese month and the Gregorian month December.

The second column gives the clock associated with the earthly branch – e.g. between 23.00 hrs – 1.00 hrs. associated with G.Bl.

The 3rd column gives the animal associated, e.g. Rat with 1st earthly Branch.

4th column – the inner energy. This is the five element energy associated with the earthly branch via the month and time of day. The seasons are centred around the solstices and equinoxes (i.e. the mid-point of the seasons.) the first two months of a season use the element of the season, while the third month of each season is associated with the ‘earth’ element.

5th column – the Branches, with the branch number and the Chinese name for the earthly branch or Celestial branch.

Column 16 – These are the Guest Heaven Energies (the six divisions) which are aligned with the terrestrial / earthly branches and Heavenly/ Celestial stems and interact with the great movements. The energies associated with these, e.g. shao yin – fire – have a strong influence throughout the year, and in particular the first half of the year.

Column 17 – These are the Guest Earth Energies which are aligned with the Terrestrial branches and Celestial stems and come to power in the second half of the year.

Top Row – the numbers and names of the Heavenly Stems and the stem organs.

2nd Row – the element and Chinese name for the element associated with the Great movements of elements associated with the stems. E.g. stem interacts with earth element.

3 rd Row – the Celestial Stem organs which interact with the elements .

From Row 4, Column 6 – Row 15, Column 15 – these are the years associated with the stems and branches of that row and column. e.g. The energies prevalent for 1967 (after Feb. 4th) are:
Heart interacting with wood stem; S.I. branch with earth inner energy; Tai yin guest Heaven and Taiyang guest Earth.

Celestial Stem & Terrestrial Branch Number Chart.

printer Click here for a printable version of the Celestial Stems & Terrestrial Branches Number Chart (PDF)

This chart is very useful if you are using another calendar which refers to celestial / heavenly stems and Terrestrial /earthly branches by their numbers. E.g. stem and branch 56 is a Sp interacting with earth stem; and SI with earth inner energy branch.

Note – Find the great movements and inner energies on the heavenly stem and earthly branch year chart.