Below is a list of private health insurance companies in Britain that may pay for acupuncture treatment provided by me as a member of the British Acupuncture Council.  You must contact them with regards to the policy, and ask them to make clear any restrictions on acupuncture treatment. For example, they may pay only for a certain number of treatments, or they may pay only if you are referred to me by your consultant or GP.

NOTE   if you are seeking to be reimbursed by your insurance company you must check with them first.  You are responsible for payment for all treatments in the event that your insurance company does not pay.

GP / Consultant Referral Only
Self Referral To Acupuncuturist
WPA 08002989588  Yes  No It doesn’t cover pre existing conditions.
Accepts acupuncture on most policies.
Roisin Golding granted discretionary recognition.
National Friendly 08001959246  Yes  No Don’t have list of treatment providers for acupuncture but accept members of BAcC (Roisin Golding registered). All policies
Simply Health( includes BCWA , Leeds Hospital Fund and Medisure) 0800 294 73020800854929 Yes, depends on the policy SometimesDepends on the policy ( too many)  Roisin Golding accepted as BAcC member.
PHSA 01234267371  Yes  No GP referral or specialist referred only.
only Healthcare cash policy.
Roisin Golding BAcC member
Aviva Healthcare 0800 0511524  Yes  No Each acupuncturist has to register individually.  Roisin Golding is registered  Deal with queries on a case-by-case basis.
Pru Health 08456023461  Yes  No Some policies Registered with BAcC – Roisin Golding BAcC member
Groupama Healthcare 03336339001  Yes  No All policies
Has to be a member of the BAcC as is Roisin Golding.
Exeter Family Friendly 03001233200  Yes  No  I am now registered
CS Healthcare 08009174325  Yes  No .
Members of BAcC
General &Medical Healthcare 08009709442  Yes  No All policies, but limited benefit
Bupa 0800600500
08456005422-provider management
 No  No Bupa covers members of the British Medical Acupuncture Society only. Minimum requirements for these medical acupuncturists is only two week-ends of training. This is deemed wholy inadequate given the immensely complex nature of acupuncture diagnosis and treatment.
WHA 02920485461  No  Yes Medical conditions only.
Westfield 08456056531  Yes  No BAcC  member – Roisin Golding .
Medicash 08000112222  No  Yes  Roisin Golding member of BAcC
HSF 02072021380  No All Don’t require referral.
Healthshield 01270588555  Yes  Yes BAcC members
Engage Mutual Assurance
 Yes  No Each claim is analysed on an individual basis and if the practitioner holds a relevant qualification, they would pay the claim (this would be done on a case by case basis).

Roisin is no longer taking patients in order to spend more time teaching classical acupuncture to a wider audience. For more information on Roisin's work, please click here