The Fertile Mind Method, or FMM,  is a mind body approach that combines solution focused questions and hypnotherapy to deal with the mental and emotional effects of dealing with fertility issues. I trained with Sjanie Hugo Wurlitzer as a Fertile Body Method (FBM) practitioner.  When one client inadvertently referred to this as a Fertile Mind Method, I thought it made much more sense.   I now  use NLP techniques along with Sjanie Hugo Wurlitzer’s method to deal with these issues.

A diagnosis of infertility, or recurrent miscarriage, can and often does result in emotional distress.  You may have unexplained infertility, or your fertility issues may be due to PCOS, endometriosis, low ovarian reserve, (diagnosed either by low AMH or anti-mullerian hormone or antral-follicle count,  high FSH) or primary anovulation (producing anovulatory cycles).  Any of these can impact negatively on your sense of self worth.  And going through IVF, ICSI, or any of the other assisted reproductive techniques (ART) such as IUI,  all puts enormous strain on women physically and psychologically.

Many women, even after successful fertility treatment, can remain in a state of high anxiety throughout pregnancy.  Some remain unconvinced that their body will work even while they are pregnant and they see signs of impending failure throughout their pregnancy.  It seems obvious that a more direct approach to deal with the emotional and mental effects in relation to fertility would be most helpful.

There may even be some internal conflict around fertility, pregnancy or parenthood that is having a negative impact on your ability to conceive, since increased stress and anxiety can adversely affect fertility hormones.

Being able to use NLP approaches to more easily access the resources you need, is often exactly the thing that makes the difference.  And there are other tools and techniques available with the FBM method (for instance light hypnotherapy techniques) to help you find balance within, while keeping on track towards achieving your desired goal.

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