NLP Counselling for Personal Growth and Development.

NLP is a fast track way of helping with personal issues. For instance, how do you know that what you believe about yourself is true? Are limiting beliefs, whether about yourself, your capabilities or the world around you, holding you back?

Are you regularly experiencing the whole range of human emotion in a healthy way, or are you stuck in one particular emotion?

Are your reactions and behaviours versatile and appropriate or do you keep repeating the same mistake?

You can use NLP to sort through mental and emotional processes, to improve clarity and help with decision making. Create realistic and attainable, inspiring goals for your life. Learn how to negotiate with the nay-sayers within. Make sure that your heart, your head and your gut are all in agreement.

NLP can help to improve relationships and communication with family, friends and colleagues.  You can learn to easily separate out your emotional baggage from theirs so you each carry your own.  This allows you the freedom to be who you are and speak your own truth in a way that has more chance of being received the way you intended.

If change were this easy, what would you like to change?

If your relationships with colleagues, partner and family members were just as you wanted, how would you like to relate to them?

What do you believe about money? If you had a more healthy and empowering relationship to money, what would you need to believe?

What’s the theme of your life story? How have you maintained this story?

If life was just the way you wanted it, what would it look like?

You and only you have all the answers. As an NLP practitioner I come up with some of the best questions.

So how does NLP work?

Quite simply, NLP puts you in touch with the inner you. And it does this by guiding you to pay attention to your thoughts, the words you hear internally, the visuals, i.e. pictures you create about your life, the sensations you have as you get the feel for situations, and even at times gives you a ‘taste’ for the future life you want to lead. And it pays very particular attention to the details and particularly to how you experience your life story.   What kind of story is it?  What is the theme?

NLP allows you to look at your plans and past events along your time line and to see just how you structure that life experience.

It is a fascinating journey. You can go one short hop along to see where your life is heading or where you would like it to go. Or you can even go back in time to pick up something important that you left behind – such as your confidence, self-belief, or self-worth. And while you can’t undo what has already happened in life, nor even the consequences of those things that have already been done, you can learn to take the learnings with you while leaving the emotional baggage back where it belongs.

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