Are you afraid of being afraid?

A phobia is an automatic (neurologically mediated) adverse feeling response to a specific ‘trigger’. Most phobias are triggered by visuals – the sight of something you are afraid of, even in your mind’s eye. Or the trigger might be auditory, that is the sound, or the words, or even the name of the thing that frightens you. Your phobia may even be triggered by something kinaesthetic (feeling), or by a taste or a smell.

Generally speaking, you were not born phobic. Phobias most usually have a start date, whether or not you remember a traumatic event in connection with the trigger. Sometimes the trigger is linked in an indirect way with something quite different. And it can even be that the trigger is connected with something that was not in itself unpleasant. And yet the subconscious mind maintains this state for an indefinite period of time.

Whenever you want to go back to your pre-phobic state, NLP can help you break the phobic response, in a safe, non-confrontational way. For more information on your specific phobia, and to book an appointment, speak with Roisin Golding first.

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