I believe that good health should be available to all.  Just as I use a holistic approach in my treatments, I take an ecological approach and look at the wider consequences of asking for too high a fee.  I give generously of my time and talents so that you can get well in a way that helps to protect your long term health, (with side-effect free treatment).  That is why I keep my prices very low in comparison with others of similar experience and training level in London.

Please Note if you are seeking to be reimbursed by your insurance company you must check with them first. You are responsible for payment for all treatments in the event that your insurance company does not pay.



**NLP prices go up in half hour increments, e.g. one and a half hour session costs £180.00 in SW9


Credit or debit card payments are now accepted – Mastercard; Maestro; Visa and American Express. Cash and cheque payments are also accepted.