In order to comply with government advice and to help keep the country safe from Covid-19, as well
as supporting the NHS, the clinic is now closed for all acupuncture appointments. The risk to
yourself and others is just not worth taking.

I am able to provide NLP sessions remotely, via a computer/ phone or Ipad. Generally 1 hour sessions are long enough via internet.

NLP is very useful for :-

  • Anxiety and anxiety related symptoms such as insomnia.
  • Other symptoms which may be related to stress or made worse by emotional factors.
  • General self-development
  • Changing unwanted behaviours
  • Phobias
  • Trauma
  • Creating a positive future and getting rid of negative beliefs or behaviours that may hold us back.
  • Remote Hypnotherapy/NLP for fertility related issues
  • This system is used to deal with the immense stresses and emotional strain that often accompanies fertility issues.