The following colleagues come with a personal recommendation from me.  If for any reason the links do not work, then right click the link and either select ‘open in new window’, or copy shortcut then paste to a new window.
Acupuncturist Lee Moden – based in Cambridge.
Lee is a gifted acupuncturist with extensive experience and knowledge.

Oliver Nash, in Hay on Wye,  is just a fantastic acupuncturist.  He studied at the same top acupuncture college – the international college of oriental medicine – as I had attended.  Since then he honed his pulse diagnosis skills under the tutelage of the world’s leading authority, Dr. Leon Hammer.  This makes him a top practitioner, and one to go to if you live near his Hay on Wye practice on the Hereford/Welsh border.
Acupuncturist Mir Abbas Ali – based in Bedford.
Mir’s gentle, modest nature cannot hide for long his expertise in acupuncture. He is also an expert in qi gong healing exercise and martial arts.
Acupuncturist Penny Clay – based in Southampton.
Penny is a wise and wonderful person as well as a great and experienced practitioner. She gets great results with a broad range of conditions.
Yoga Retreat, Tuscany, with Virginia Wood.
With Virginia you get an incredible yoga teacher as well as a very experienced acupuncturist and Chinese herbalist!
Masseur Victoria Thomas is an amazing masseur in Clapham, SW4.
I had never realised the power of massage until patients who had come after seeing Victoria Thomas told me about the fantastic relief from such things as period pain and digestive problems after her massage. Besides which, Victoria really is the sweetest therapist so you will be able to relax fully in her care.

Sjanie Hugo Wurlitzer is a hypnotherapist  who specialises in Women’s health and is the undisputed master of the Fertile Body Method which she devised.  Through deep relaxation and visualisation, Sjanie helps bring about a state of deep receptivity and body-mind preparedness for pregnancy and birth.

Victoria Heath

Victoria Heath is a Hypno birth practitioner based in Lemington Spa, who is passionate about women and their journey to motherhood.  As well as being an experienced teacher, she is one of those women who one knows instinctively you can trust and feel safe with. Click on Victoria’s name to read about her on her site.

Relaxation Music to help you sleep

Jules Dickens
Jules uses intricate soundscapes, Pythagorean tuning techniques and Brainwave Entrainment to induce deep calm and relaxation (without the trickling water and pan pipes!) to help with insomnia. Brainwave Entrainment is a method of stimulating the brain into entering specific states by using subliminal sound pulses. Click on Relaxation Music.