We had been trying to conceive for 3.5 years when we first met with Roisin and within 6 months we were pregnant! I’m completely in awe of what Roisin does. Don’t ask me how and what she does, but it works. Her acupuncture style is practically painless and the experience is very relaxing. Four months into the acupuncture our GP urged us to use the fertility drug Clomiphene, but Roisin suggested we wait a little longer – and sure enough by 6 months we were pregnant. I hope others can benefit from her magic touch! I can absolutely recommend Roisin. Other people in the same position as us would benefit from Roisin’s treatment. Thank you Roisin!
B P C – Interior designer

I highly recommend Roisin Golding as an acupuncturist. The skill of a healer is to listen carefully to the symptoms of the patient and this she does with great respect and care. She has outstanding skill in pinpointing (pun intended!) exactly how to treat a physical problem, and also how to balance any psychological imbalances one may experience. It is a rare magic, and it really works. I used to be a complete sceptic about alternative medicine but am living proof of the power and excellence of acupuncture and have no hesitation in endorsing Roisin Golding at Acupuncture Works.

P H – Granny and museum volunteer

“I am very happy to recommend Roisin Golding as an acupuncturist. I do not know how acupuncture works and am perhaps a little skeptical generally about alternative therapies. But I can vouch for the fact that in my case the treatment (for intractable pain in knees and ankles) was dramatically successful, and has given me benefits which appear likely to be permanent. I found Roisin Golding thorough, very professional and wholly oriented towards giving me tangible results from the treatment.”
Bob Moxon Browne – London Barrister

In my opinion, Roisin’s knowledge of acupuncture is second to none. Roisin has great communication skills, is a good listener, is empathetic and kind. The benefits of treatment have been enormous – both physically in terms of feeling healthier; I had recurrent gastritis which is no longer a problem. I had impaired mobility because of a frozen shoulder and now am pain free with a full range of mobility. In terms of emotional issues, I am calmer, less prone to anger and irritation and have increased energy.
B D – Social Researcher Health

“Roisin definitely had a good grasp of my condition from both an acupuncture perspective and a Western medical perspective. I really enjoyed discussing the interface between the two perspectives. I found acupuncture treatment to be very comfortable and relaxing. I have no hesitation in recommending Roisin Golding for acupuncture.”
Dr. N L – Medical Doctor and General Practitioner

I had a pretty good understanding of my condition anyway, but always felt comfortable and confident in what Roisin was doing. Having acupuncture with Roisin helped me to feel more relaxed, have a better understanding of the workings of my body, and also to improve my fertility, resulting in the desired affect of a natural pregnancy. My cycles also improved, and my luteal phase was more stable and prolonged after having treatment. I also experienced no pain during menstruation, and am now 21 weeks pregnant, so it clearly had some impact!
Ellie – Biology Teacher

Fantastic, extremely positive experience. Money well spent. I really looked forward to my sessions with Roisin. She is a great listener and really made me feel like we were making progress all the way along. I got pregnant! I can absolutely recommend her. She was recommended to me and prior to that I recommended her to one of my friends who was also treated successfully.

Roisin has acted as an amazing strength and mentor throughout my difficult time of trying to fall pregnant. Her treatment worked well alongside my western treatment. She is an excellent listener and took the time to really understand my condition. She always advises fairly and honestly.
J J – Teacher

I loved my sessions with Roisin. She is very understanding and friendly, quite apart from her great experience in acupuncture. I came for a fertility treatment and being with her I got it! We are so happy. The treatment was such a great experience.
J D – Secretary


Fear of Public Speaking

Roisin made me feel totally at ease during my first NLP treatment. My inhibition of speaking in front of an audience was starting to have a real impact on my career progression and reputation. Prior to the treatment my voice and hands would shake even talking in front of small groups. I had turned down several invitations to speak at conferences for this reason. Finally my boss gave me an ultimatum and I was forced to speak in front of more than 1000 people and television cameras with no way out! I was extremely, pleasantly surprised when I felt I could speak confidently at the conference (and have done several since then) after only one NLP session with Roisin! The effect of her fantastic work has stayed with me ever since.”

RMR – Senior Strategist and Portfolio Manager (Hedge Funds)

Life Issues

I found my NLP extremely useful. It helped me to understand myself better and react in a healthier way to age old problems, Even though I found NLP challenging, my three sessions left me feeling lighter, and equipped with tools to navigate better through difficult situations. ”
K M – Charity Worker

Because it’s never too late to change

Roisin has more understanding about my condition than I could have hoped for. It feels as though she ‘really hears’. She really likes to get to the heart of things. NLP is very insightful and useful. It’s amazing really. I always recommend her.
L A – 72 year old

General issues

“I have now a significant improvement in my moods and my general ability to cope. I really appreciate Roisin’s persistence in getting to the root of problems.”
M.M – I T Manager

Reviews of The Complete Stems and Branches: Time and Space in Traditional Acupuncture by Roisin Golding

This is the best, most practical explanation in English to date of Stems and branches theory. You will thank yourself for buying it and your patients will thank you as well.”
Chinadoc –

When I picked up your book I knew I had found someone who really understands and can teach the fundamentals of Traditional Taoist Acupuncture. I find this very exciting.”
Nell Carr – acupuncturist, Maryland , USA

I have found this book an incredible resource for my own use in the treatment room and my understanding of Traditional Chinese medicine. This area of Traditional Acupuncture has been quite difficult to understand. This book is quite a demanding read but it is incredibly informative and interesting and with relevant case histories and practical questions and advice.”
Penny Clay – acupuncturist Southampton.

“This is a most enjoyable book exploring some difficult subjects of Chinese medicine.” Sam Patel, acupuncturist and acupuncture teacher
Journal Of Oriental Medicine

I have taken it upon myself to thoroughly research and understand the notions of the celestial stems and terrestrial branches, and their pertinence to chrono-treatment methods. This led me to purchase your book, and I must say I’ve found it wonderful resource for helping one to dig further into the many puzzles that emerge from this very complex subject.”
Grayson Wood – acupuncturist Rhode Island, USA

This book is worth reading for those who wish to get closer to the essential roots of classical acupuncture. If one spends any time in China, Korea, or Japan, one is struck by the constant and obsessive attention to the calendrical cycles and issues of time and space and the stars in general. Indeed, study of the Bazi as related to astronomy, little known by many contemporary physicians, was an every day part of medical culture in East Asia up until the twentieth century. This should be a book to whet your interest in an area of much fascination and of considerable clinical significance.”
James Flowers – Acupuncturist and Chinese medical practitioner, Australia.

This is amazing work and I thank you for sharing it with me. Much of what I read here is new to me. There is a great wealth of information here … I find the discussions of time, elements, lunar phases and natural cycles to be very illuminating and reveal more of the depth and breadth of Chinese medicine with each paragraph.…I have found what I have read to be very helpful in connecting me with those wisdoms which are inherently contained within Chinese medicine.”
Dr. Stephen Gascoigne – Doctor, acupuncturist, Chinese herbalist, author

This author has done a great deal of research on a very complex concept, and has done a good job on explaining it in terms that the occidental mind can easily grasp. I recommend this book for anyone who wishes to understand the approaches to acupuncture treatment on a much deeper level than is commonly taught in modern schools.”
Amazon .com

This book is indeed a highly aspirational work, as stated in the foreword by Peter Firebrace… to understand the nature of time in all its changing patterns and manifestations and to restore it to its all-but-forgotten position at the heart of Chinese medicine.” To render this theory into print in an accessible and enjoyable format is not an easy task. It is clearly a useful book for the practicing acupuncturist or student of stems and branches acupuncture and also ideal for those who want to delve deeply into Chinese medicine and learn about its resonances with Chinese cosmology.”
Rob Hughes – acupuncturist, acupuncture teacher, Journal of Chinese Medicine

If you really want to have access to the classics, then you cannot ignore the stem and branch system, as classical authors discuss the cosmology behind medicine at least as much as they discuss diagnosis.”
Richard Goodman – author of Chinese Classical Medicine Texts

This book is also on the recommended reading list of Jeffrey Yuen

Roisin is no longer taking patients in order to spend more time teaching classical acupuncture to a wider audience. For more information on Roisin's work, please click here